Command - PrB_Import


With this command you can read files of types that are not recognized by AutoCAD.

The following file types can be read:

  • Ifc 2x3 : Allows you to read files coming from for example Revit or ArchiCAD, with BIM data. It is used widely in the EU.
  • CIS/2.1 LPM6 : This format is used widely in the US. It has been tested to work together with CADWorx Structure. The format is not actively being expanded anymore, and if possible it is recommended to switch to Ifc.
  • Measuring points : Allows you to read a simple text file that contains the measuring points that were obtained on site. For each measure point a point object is created.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.

In short: BIM is keeping the important information of a 3D Model, and not only the geometry. For example a beam is not only a volume existing of planes and lines, but it has a name, material, welding data, position number, etc... These data are what is known as BIM data. Parabuild saves this data in the drawing together with the geometric data.

BIM data can be exchanged between different applications with the help of the IFC format.

Only the Ifc and CIS/2 formats support exchanging of BIM data.

The other formats support only the exchanging of geometry.