The Sheets manager   has a sheet list and a parts list.


On both lists, we can right-click the header :


By doing so, we can activate additional columns in the lists.

This will give you more information about the part or about the parts on the sheet.
All the properties that Parabuild stores for the part can be shown this way.


On both lists, we can also left-click the header :

This will influence the sorting of the entries in the list.

It would allow you to see all of the expired drawings together if you click on the Status header, like shown in the image above.

Parabuild often needs multiple columns to complete the sorting. In the above example, the first sorting columns is Status, the second is Length of main member and the third is Sheet Name.

To specify the priority list, Parabuild sets the last selected column first, and the second last column as second, etc..

So to achieve the above sorting you would have to select the columns in this order :

  1. Sheet name
  2. Length of main member
  3. Lastly, the Status