Anything drawn - a bolt, a plate or a profile -  will be given the current revision.

With a new blank drawing, the current revision will be 0 unless this is edited.

The revision of an element can not be edited. The only influence that the user has over the revision of an element is at the creation or the adaptation of an element: in these cases, the element will be given the current or 'work' revision.

If a new revision is required, the previous revision with which the user had worked will be locked. Once a revision has been locked it can no longer be edited.

Revision Lists

The purpose of the revision system is to enable the user to easily identify the differences between two revisions.

In the Bill of Materials dialog box, a part list can be made for two revisions which will clarify the differences between the two revisions.


revision 0: Position part PR5 total:5

revision 1: Position part PR5 total:3

In revision 0 there were five elements with Pr5 in the drawing.

After revision 1 only three of PR5 remain. This can happen due to PR5 in revision 1 being deleted or modified.

The only way to delete a locked revision is by deleting all revisions.

It is allowed to create workshop drawings and part lists from a revision that is still “open” i.e. not yet locked.
The numbers are still kept stable (they do not change) if the revision is never locked.