Command - PrB_SetCurrentMacro

This command can be used to set the active macro and module.
The active module is the module in which we want to do modifications.

Because a geometrical rule always must be placed in a module, you must indicate which macro and which module are current/active.
All geometrical rules that you create will be placed in that current module. This command is carried out automatically for you when the Edit macro dialog box is opened. Therefore you only need this command if you use one of the 10 geometrical rules commands in the toolbar.

This command also regulates the automatic calculation of macros. When you have set a module as current, then no single macro will be recalculated. As you know macros always ensure that its components automatically adapt when a base geometry is adapted. That automatic adaptation is temporarily suspended for all macros in the drawing. You can recalculate the macros with the command Calculate all macros. Now you decide when macros are recalculated.

To incite the automatic recalculation, you set no module as current by starting this command and immediately pressing <Enter>.