Command - PrB_AutoApplyMacro


This command will copy an existing macro to other base profiles in the same drawing.

Select the macro and then the base profiles for the new macro.
You should select the profiles in the same order they were selected when the original macro was inserted.

The macro will be copied in its entirety to the new profiles. You may modify or remove components of the new macro without affecting the original macro.

Smart Copy and macro mirroring

Some macros can be mirrored by the smart copy command. Other can only be rotated.

The Smart Copy command uses the location where you select the base profiles to know how you want the new macro to be rotated and mirrored.

With the following four examples we illustrate what happens with a connection that can be rotated and mirrored.

For each example the left image shows the selection that was during the smart copy. The right image is the result.


Example 1



Example 2


In this example the first base profile was selected on another spot, on the other side of the upper flange. The result is that the bent plate is also placed on that side of the flange. The bent plate was mirrored over 1 axis.



Example 3


In this example the second base profile was selected on another spot, on the other side. Again we get a mirrored plate but at the opposite side of the second profile.



Example 4:


In this last example both the first and the last base profile were selected on another spot. The result is a double-mirrored plate.


As you can see, some macros can be copied in a lot of ways. With other macros, such as a haunch or an apex connection, only the order of the selection matters.