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The Beam to Column is a beam connection connecting to the web or flange of a column. This connection may be either 'Moment-resisting' or 'Flexible' (flexible connections are also referred to as 'Shear' or 'Simple' connections).

As a general rule - a Moment connection is identified when the flanges of the incoming beam connect in some form to the supporting column - conversely, a flexible connection is identified when the beam is connected to the column by its web only.

Selection order

First select the column and then select the beam.


When selecting the profiles to be connected, Parabuild will automatically filter the proposed connections.

The filtering will not only be based on the profile types, but also their orientation with respect to each other. For example, Parabuild will recognize if a beam is connecting to a column flange or web. This information is used by this command to filter out the incompatible connections in the connection selection dialog.

Therefore, the presented options may differ from those illustrated here.