When a bolt is drawn in a connection or manually, a bolt assembly should be assigned. These Bolt Assemblies contain the description of the standard for the bolt, nut and washers.

If bolt DIN 931 is adopted within the assembly, then Parabuild reads the entire Bolt parts database.

Parabuild will then select a bolt with the DIN931 standard, the selected diameter, and one of adequate length. Depending on the options in the assembly, a number of washers and nuts will be added to the bolt.

The standard of the nuts and washers are also determined by the assembly and are selected from the parts list.

There are two types of lists : The list of assemblies and the list of bolts, nuts and washers. These lists can be added to in the Global settings.

The part lists contain the sizes of each part that Parabuild is able to use.

See the Properties for a detailed explanation of the bolt properties that can be changed.