All bolts, nuts and washers to be drawn come directly from this database.

This database contains every bolt with its exact dimensions (diameter, length, thread length, ...).

This enables Parabuild to select a bolt from the list that the user makes available, and draws them exactly.

Every part has a checkbox in front of its name. If the box is not checked, Parabuild will never use the part. This allows parts to be turned on without having to delete them. This feature can prove very useful if a part with a certain diameter, length and standard is never used or is not in stock, in which case it can be turned off.

All parts in the available lengths and diameters for the respective standards have already been entered.

Because the number of parts can total more than 1000, a filter can be applied. Type in DIN933 in the box in the top right-hand corner, and only the parts with DIN933 will be displayed. Click on the adjacent button and all except those with DIN933 will be displayed.