Command -  PrB_HoleCheck


This command will check for and draw missing holes where bolts are colliding with parts.

The command Verifying new holes lets Parabuild check if there is a plate or beam with a bolt inserted but without a hole.  In this case Parabuild will draw the hole.

On selecting this command, you will be prompted to select the beams, plates, and bolts.

Any missing holes will automatically be identified and corrected.


If the bolt is too close to the edge of a beam or plate, or if it's too close to another bolt, it will be colored yellow. If this is the case, you need to move the bolt or change the settings:

Reduce the bolt to edge or bolt to bolt distance in the Global Settings dialog box.

Bolts could also be shown in red when it was impossible to draw a hole. For more information about this see the Clash check.