Command -  PrB_AutoGalvaHoles


This command draws drain holes in end-plates of hollow sections or I shaped sections.

On selecting this command, you will be prompted to select the profile and the end-plate. You could also select the entire drawing.

Parabuild will search for all the 'corners' in which pockets of liquid zinc are possible.
This tool will zoom in on each group of galvanizing holes that it has identified. The holes will be automatically drawn and you will be prompted to either accept the proposed holes or not.

After all the groups have been iterated, the customization dialog will appear, prompting you to enter the hole diameter and location relative to the inner profile of the (hollow) section.

Parabuild uses bolts with the name Hole helper to draw these galvanizing holes - These bolts are not visible and will not be shown in the bill of materials.