Command - PrB_AddPattern

This command will add a new bolt pattern to the currently active module.

You can only add bolt patterns to a bolts module.

The problem with bolts is that we need a range of bolts and the number of bolts must be flexible. You cannot draw a flexible number of bolts just like that with geometrical rules.

For this reason the bolt pattern was made. We create a pattern that can be determined with geometrical rules. The placement length and width of this pattern will determine later where the bolts must be placed. At any moment the end-user can adapt the number of bolts in the Review Macro dialog box.

There are 3 types of patterns:

• Line: Allows us to create one row of bolts.

• Rectangle: Allows us to create several rows of bolts in the rectangle.

• Circle: Allows us to create a circle of bolts (think of pipe connections)

When starting this command, you are asked to indicate the type, name and placement of the new pattern.

The name of the pattern will later serve to recognize the pattern in the Review Macro dialog box. A bolts module can contain several bolt patterns.

The placement that is asked is only for your convenience and is not the definitive placement. You should define the pattern entirely with geometrical rules.

Each pattern type as a plane that determines somewhat the location of the bolt heads. You should set the location of this plane with a geometric rule.