Command -  PrB_FreeMember


On activating this command, the Draw a member dialog will appear prompting you to select the profile to be drawn.

You will then be prompted to Select the first point, followed by the next point. Here you may enter as many points as you wish, on completion, press <Enter> and the profile(s) will be drawn.

There are some limitations to the points that you can use :

  • When you choose a point in free space, the tool will project the point flat to the world XY plane, and will constrain the point to the closest grid line
  • Choosing points in 3D is possible if you choose to use object snap on another entity.
    But then only endpoints will work. Midpoints will not work.
    This will only work on lines, plates, profiles and structures.
    The new profile will stay linked to the endpoint that you chose.

The profile(s) cannot be moved independently of the chosen points.