Command - PrB_ModifySurfaceTreatment


This command allows you to apply surface treatment to any surface of a profile or plate.

This treatment will influence the numbering, so if the treatment of all the surfaces are not the same then the parts will get a different pos/mark number.

Before and after applying a surface treatment

The following dialog allows you to change some properties of the treatment :

Some example values for a treatment could be :

  • Name : Galvanizing
  • Material : Zinc
  • Annotation : Galv.
  • Thickness : 0
  • Color : 7 (index number of the color)
  • Display in 2D wireframe/3D Styles : Display of the treatment can be limited per display style
  • Activating the Draw Hatch checkbox will enable you to select a hatch pattern from the drop-down which will be drawn onto the surface of the plate or profile
  • The Hatch Angle, Scale, and Spacing all refer to the display style of the hatch
  • All surfaces with this treatment : Use this to assign the treatment to more than 1 surface, or to remove the treatment from a surface