The connection standards is a collection of rules that can automate filling the values of dimensions and components in connections.

Below are some examples of things that can be automated:

  • Plates shouldn't be too thick or too thin.
  • Plates can not have a width of 137.4 but should be 140, or 150
  • Bolts need to have a certain diameter, and need to be at predetermined distances from the edge and from each other, depending on the situation

These are common modifications, which we can easily write in rules.

It is important to know that the standard system does not carry out an analysis of the structure. It is only a tool to automate repetitive modifications. To use the standards you do not need to do anything; initially they are activated for you and changes are applied to new connections that you apply.

Deactivating the standards is possible in the general Global Settings dialog box using the checkbox: Execute standards on new applied connections: