Parabuild can automatically unfold cold formed sections and some general sheet metal parts. More importantly the Dstv file of the unfolded section with bend lines can be generated automatically. Also a dimensioned view of the unfolded section can be shown on the shop drawings next to the views of the folded part.

By default, parts will not be unfolded. The unfolding of parts can be activated in the Profiles library, or in the Properties of individual parts.
Parabuild will search for the unfold settings in these locations :

  • The Properties of the 3D part that is to be unfolded : In the Advanced properties dialog, unfold override settings are available.
  • In the section table of the part. In the section table, it is possible to add 2 columns with the column titles K-Factor and BendRadius.
    This allows you to set specific K-Factor and Bend radius values per part inside the section table.
  • In the More options dialog of the section table of the part. In each section table, unfold can be activated for all of the sections inside the table.
  • In the Parabuild global settings dialog box there is an option to choose which K-factor table should be used. The table allows you to assign K-factors based on material, part name, plate thickness, bend radius, and bend angle.

The above list is also the priority in which Parabuild assumes the unfold settings for the part.
The first location where settings are found and active, those settings are used.

When unfolding is enabled for a part Parabuild will automatically unfold the part when needed during Generate DSTV Files, Generate DXF Files, or Generate shop drawings.