This dialog allows you to change the settings of all the views that will be generated in the future.

In this dialog box you can change the following options :

Type of view - The main purpose of this type if for Parabuild so that it know whether this is a side view, an endplate view or something else

This view is for the unfolded version of the part - This options should only be enabled on one of the views in the assembly. When this is enabled and the type of view is "Side view", then the settings of this view will be used for the creation of the view of an unfolded part

Added scale - This currently has no effect as the scale is determined dynamically by Parabuild.

Description - This description is just a data field stored in the view. It could be used as extra information in an annotation.

Number for annotation - This is the actual view number that will be shown in the triangular annotation of side views.

Only draw this view if it has the following features - When none of the checkboxes are enabled, then the view will never be drawn. When Always draw is activated it will always be drawn.
When one of the other 3 checkboxes is enabled, the view will only be drawn when there are parts on the view that would be invisible on the other side views.

This view depends on another view - Enabling this will make this view's directions dependent on another view. This makes it easier to do changes to the view direction options, as there are less options that have an influence.

Configure view directions and placement - For more about this see the Configure view directions topic

Visible/Invisible/Perpendicular holes - These options allow you to change the appearance of holes, or completely disable them. Perpendicular holes are holes seen from the side.

Dimensioning of the view - This allows you to activate or deactivate the automated dimensions and the different annotation types for the view.

Objects to be fetched from the 3D drawing to the view - In this dialog you can choose whether the axis lines, grid lines, 3D Solids, ... should be copied over to the 2D view. For more about this, see the Objects to be copied from 3D to 2D views topic.