The 'Annotation' object type has the following headings:


3D Visualization






Section Arrow

General: Is common to all object types, and covers general AutoCAD and BricsCAD settings, including: Color / Layer / Linetype / Linetype scale / Plot style / Lineweight / Transparency / Hyperlink / Handle /

3D Visualization: Is also common to all object types and includes: Material.

The material that is referred to here is only the visual representation material. For changing the actual material of parts, see the Additional Data section of plates, profiles or structures.


Note! - * indicates that the given value is a resultant of the sum of other values in the panel - and cannot be individually edited.

Contents: * Displays the text string

Contents template: determines the contents template

Group name: Add a group name

Update response: Options include:

       Move the annotation along

       Stretch the arrow

Reset to defaults: Press the button to open the ‘Reset settings to the default values’ dialog, and choose the annotation style you want to reset from the drop-down menu

Display scale: Set the annotation scale


Text style: Set the text style

Text height: Set the text height

Allow Multi line: Activate the checkbox to allow multi line text

Text lines offset factor: Change the masking around the text – the value given is a percentage of the text height

Maximum text length: Set the maximum text length

Accuracy: Set the numerical text accuracy factor

Measurement factor: Set the numerical text measurement factor

Frame (If applicable)

Frame type: Select the frame type from the drop-down menu

Grip location: Select the grip location from the drop-down menu

Frame text offset: Reset the offset (Padding) between the text and frame (mm)

Dashed frame for invisible: Activating the checkbox will make the frame invisible

Leader (If applicable)

Arrow type: Select the Arrow type from the drop-down menu

Leader type: Select the Leader type from the drop-down menu

Arrow size: Set the arrow size (mm)


Level base: Enter the base level (datum) – all levels are measured from this value

Level symbol type: Select Level symbol type from the drop-down menu

Level symbol tip type: Select Level symbol tip type from the drop-down menu

Section arrow

Section tail type: Select Tail type from the drop-down menu