Command - PrB_ContextModeler

The Context Modeler is unique to Parabuild - It allows you to create a complete accurate skeletal structure, simply and intuitively from the commands contained within the modeler.

Activating this command will open the Context modeler dialog, which will remain open, or may be docked to the side of the working area for the duration of the work session. It may be closed at any time by clicking the  button.

This dialog covers 5 main modeling operations:

  1. At the top are the three action buttons and include:

  1. Below are the Selection options - where you may select profiles from the Profile Libraries

The Top drop-down will show the section types which have been activated in the Profile Library
The second drop-down will provide the options available within the selected section type.
The button to the right, when clicked, will open the Draw Profiles dialog - from where you may select any profiles from all the groups.

3.   Next are the Context Buttons which offer a set of limitations and impositions so that you can more easily draw the type of profile that you need

4.   The Rotate Profile buttons can rotate the section of a profile through 90 °. As an alternative for these buttons in the dialog box, you can also use the keyboard Arrow left and Arrow right buttons to change the rotation.
You can also switch the start and end of the profile.

5.   Using the Context Modeler, it's possible to set and establish Levels

6.  The last section on the dialog is for Mass Creation where you are able to draw a range of profiles of the same type

Some other keys that are available :
<Space>: When pressed, searching for solutions is temporarily suspended. The last element will remain on the screen. You can now freely move the cursor without changing the element, and you can also adjust the element using the arrow keys. Then press <Enter> to draw the element, or return to finding other solutions by pressing <SpaceBar> again.

Left Mouse Button: Draw the element that is currently visible

Right Mouse Button or <Escape>: Cancels the command without drawing the last element