Command - Prb_NumberWelds


This command allows you to assign a number to the 3D welds in the drawing.

Note that this numbering tool does not work in the same way as the Part numbering in Parabuild.
The purpose of these numbers is to assign a unique number to each.
Welds that are the same will still get a different number.

The dialog box has the following options :

Selection of welds to be numbered - When you choose All, then all the welds in the drawing will be numbered. Alternatively, you can choose Selection to only number some welds.

Renumber - When this is enabled, then all the welds that already have a number will also get a new number. When it is disabled, then welds with a number will be left intact.

Reset prefix - When this is enabled, then the Prefix text of welds will be overwritten. When it is disabled, then the prefix of the welds will be left intact if the welds already have a prefix. This option has no influence on the number behind the prefix, which is influenced by the Renumber checkbox.

Prefix - You can optionally enter a prefix text string here for the welds, for example 'W'

Start number - The first weld will get the number that you enter here, and all the following welds will get a number higher than the start number. This can be used when the weld numbers need to be split up into several group without having to use the prefix for this purpose.