Selecting General will open the following dialog:

All of the options on this dialog are explored below :

North direction (°)

The shop drawings can optionally use the cardinal directions for views. Parabuild uses the current drawing's NORTHDIRECTION variable to know this direction.

Formats and scales

This dialog box allows you to add more formats that can then later be used by Parabuild for the generation of sheets.

Do note that after adding a new format, you might also have to create a new title block that should be used in combination with the new format. More about title blocks can be found in the Settings for page and layout.

Bill Columns

This allows you to configure the bill column of the bill of materials.

You may also change the column title to suit your preference. For columns that contain numerical values, you may add the precision value - i.e. 0.01 / 1 etc...

Change bolt attached to assembly rules

With this priority list you can influence the automatic assignment of reference assembly of all bolts. The list is ordered according to priority. You can add, delete, and sort all items in the list.


In exceptional cases where the automatic choice taken by Parabuild is not as desired, it is still possible to manually set the reference assembly in the properties of the bolt:

The property Attach to assembly allows you to override the main priority list for the bolt by choosing Closest to bolt head or Closest to Bolt end.

The property Attached to assembly nr can't be changed. This will indicate which assembly the bolt is currently attached to. It is the assembly that was effectively chosen by the either the main priority list or by the Attach to assembly property if it has been set.

Dstv Settings

For more information about the DSTV options, see the DSTV NC Settings topic.

Dxf Settings

For more information about the DXF options, see the DXF Settings topic.