Instant availability of BOM

Generate any type of BOM in formats Excel, Parabuild spread sheet or text file. All information is taken from the 3D model which ensures reliable and accurate results.
Here are some of the default Parabuild BOM types :

  • Single Parts for production/ordering
  • Assemblies with or without parts
  • Bolts/Nuts/Washers
  • Overview of bolt-linked assemblies, including bolts
  • Cutting list (enumeration per part)
  • Cutting list with images (for production of slope/skew cuts)
  • Revisions comparison
An example of an order list that includes endcut images.

Example assembly BOM
Use the context modeler to drag parts to their correct location
Easy estimating and bidding

Parabuild allows you to create a draft of the project in a minimum amount of time. The Context modeler allows quick and accurate drawing of structural steel. If you are starting from a BIM Ifc file, import it into Parabuild and add connections with ease. Once you have a preliminary model, the BOM helps you to quickly make accurate estimates.

Highly customizable

Customize titles, columns, totals and subtotals, and more. Assign the columns that determine grouping and sorting.


Restrict the bill to specific phases or revisions, or use other criteria to generate bills for specific parts of the project.


Parabuild has a cutting stock problem solver. Parabuild extracts the members that need to be cut from the 3D model. You only need to provide the lengths per section shape that are available from your stock or supplier. Parabuild calculates how to cut the members out of the stock lengths with minimized material loss.

Dialog box for nesting calculation.