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DSTV files for plates and members, DXF files for plates

Parabuild will generate DXF and DSTV files for automated drilling, marking and cutting. The DSTV standard supports both plates and sections, and also supports marking and scribing. Parabuild also generates DXF files for plates. These DXF files can optionally contain contours of the main part and other parts that might need to be welded to it. It is also possible to generate STEP files for plasma tube cutters, for these the BricsCAD communicator module is required.

Example Parabuild DXF file of a baseplate with holes and welded parts
DSTV weld contours (scribing)

Parabuild can automatically add weld contours to Dstv files and DXF files. With this tool there is much less need for the shop welder to measure where to weld the part to the main. Alternatively it is possible to just draw the corners of these contours so that the machine finishes the contours much quicker. If desired the part number is also added close to the contour, so that the welder can confirm that he is holding the correct part to be welded on that contour. This method requires a weld contour module on the CNC machine.

DSTV weld points

For fabricators that do not have a weld contour module on the CNC machine, Parabuild can add individual weld points to the dstv file based on user settings. This will help the shop welder avoid many manual measurements. The machine will indicate this point with the tip of the drill. Parabuild will also indicate the weld point on the assembly drawing.

Visualization of a Parabuild DSTV file with only ‘dot’ indications for the to weld parts