Parabuild version 5.1 released

In this release, the main focus is on increasing efficiency in the workshop.

The attached part contours in DSTV and DXF output were improved considerably. Options to draw partial contours reduce scribing time without sacrificing the usefulness of the contours. Contours are also optionally added to the attached parts, not just the main parts (new for DSTV, this was already possible for DXF).
When the part numbers of the attached parts are to be scribed as well, Parabuild will automatically search a suitable location for those tags to avoid collisions and ensure readability.

There is a new option to consider contours while numbering so that each part with unique contours gets a different part number. When this option is used, parts will no longer need to be scribed with the assembly number, which further reduces the scribing time.

Parabuild ensures that you will get different NC files (DXF & DSTV) for parts with different contours, whether the option to consider contours in numbering is enabled or not.
This is important because if detailing software generates only a single file for parts that may have different contours, this can result in loss of material and errors on the shop floor if the situation is not discovered before welding.

These new options can not only reduce scribing time for the machine but will also help reduce layout marking and avoid errors, offering significant efficiency improvements on the shop floor.

DSTV example with full contours and tags on a member
DSTV example with partial contours and tags on a member


We are also introducing support for the KISS format. This format has been in use for a long time and is a valuable format for transmitting fabrication data to MIS/MRP/ERP software solutions.

Shop bolt treatment was also improved, and there are now bolt bills on assembly drawings for shop and/or field bolts. Which assembly a field bolt belongs to can be influenced in several ways.

Many new object properties were added, and many smaller improvements were made. Read below for more information on the new features.

Overview of the new features in version 5.1

Check contours when numbering parts
New features for DSTV file generation
New features for DXF file generation
KISS format
Better support for shop bolts
Add bolt bill on assembly drawings
Influencing to which assembly a bolt is attached to
New project data
New sheet properties
New plate/profile properties
New bolt properties
Hole annotation override
Skip drain/vent holes in shop drawings
Connect view to a camera
Hatches for floor plates

Look at the release notes for more information about these new features.


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